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With British anglers reportedly spending over £3 billion a year on their hobby, fishing remains enduringly popular. There's been no shortage of information available to help aspiring fishermen and women master their hobby. So what does this site have to offer that makes it different? The answer is surprisingly simple; packed with specially written features and plenty of practical advice, FishingExpert fills the previous gap in online content, providing a unique, one-stop resource for the UK angler.
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Ask Our Experts: Which Rod to Buy for Float Fishing and Spinning?, Is Fishing From a...
Catching Fish
Catching Fish: Carp Fishing, Catching Cod, Fishing for Chub, Dace Fishing, Preparing...
FAQs: Popular Questions About Shore Fishing, Fishing Holidays: Your...
Fishing Basics
Fishing Basics: Fishing Holidays are Big Business, Freelining, Reading Lakes and...
Fishing Equipment
Fishing Equipment: Bait for Coarse Fishing, Bait for Game Fishing, Bait for Sea Fishing,...
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Types of Fishing: Fishing from the Beach, Fishing With Bite Indicators, Legering,...
Latest Comments
  • Fisherman wardie
    Re: Fishing for Chub
    This is a really good website and from this ive been catching chub on slugs maggots casters and worms rated 10 out of 10
    14 January 2017
  • Paolo
    Re: Is Fishing From a Road Bridge Over a River Legal?
    Is it legal to fish next to a bridge without a permit even though the river is permitted
    10 June 2016
  • scott
    Re: Fishing For Flatfish
    Hi im new to the whole fishing game but have recently been hooked onnit as i had a good day out with a keen fisherman. Will i catch plaice by…
    9 October 2015
  • charlie
    Re: Getting Children Involved in Fishing
    where in East Anglia is a good place to start to practice and teach my 6 year old girl to spin fish (lure angling…
    7 October 2015
  • Dr Hook
    Re: Fishing For Flatfish
    you tell everything a new person to fishing for the flat fish needs - except the size of hook to use -- could you advise please -- Thank You…
    22 September 2015
  • Cudabara
    Re: Lure Fishing
    Can I fish wild brown trout in my local stream with a light-weight spinning rod, using small barbless Mepps and a few small barbless Minnow plugs in…
    2 April 2015
  • Rob
    Re: Equipment for Sea Fishing
    @Chris - Shock leaders, are very important as for practical power reasons, but also for safety. Without power your main line will part…
    19 March 2015
  • Chris
    Re: Equipment for Sea Fishing
    Hi all, I have a question for a Sea Fishing expert: ... I have recently decided to leave the carp rods alone and get back into sea…
    17 March 2015
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